In an effort to keep car Dealers from selling off defective vehicles it is important to be willing to act on your consumer rights if feel like you have been sold a lemon. It is not reasonable to be stuck wasting your time on endless car repairs, dealing with an unreliable mode of transportation for everyday needs. Back in the 1970’s the federal government enacted this consumer law specifically designed to protect consumers and deter manufacturers from short cutting the manufacturing process.  It is not merely the loss of money and time that is at issue. The bigger concern centers on personal safety when driving, including avoiding breaking down in unsafe locations.

Consumer education us largely lacking throughout the country making it difficult to help the everyday person who has been victimized by the hazards associated with using a product defined as a lemon. Federal and State governments have worked to create specific laws related to defining what it means to have a lemon on your hands. Related to this there are outlined details concerning how to receive compensation and product replacements. Do not let the legalities overwhelm you to the point where you surrender your rights as a consumer. Let us cut through all the red tape to get you the relief you deserve.

We have the experience nationwide  and are ready to offer consultation concerning your specific problem as a consumer. Not all Dealers and Manufacturing companies are created equally and some are more reputable than others. In order to keep the free market in check and increase consumer confidence, we all need to be ready to act on our rights as consumers and teach others to do the same. If you know someone, maybe a friend or relative, who has been dealing with the frustration associated with a car that is a lemon you can encourage him or her to speak with us as well.

Sometimes people feel like getting stuck with a faulty vehicle is somehow their own fault and they will sadly face the increased risk of accident and injury as they try to make the best of operating a defective vehicle. It is in the best interest of everyone to shed light onto manufacturing defects, especially when those who are selling the products hesitate to take the necessary steps required by law to make things right. We need to look out for each other as a community. If you know someone who has been stuck with a lemon, encourage them to meet with our expert team for a free consultation. We understand that toll it takes on everyday life to have made a purchase and then get stuck with an unexpected pile of problems. We are here to help sort out the problem and represent your case. We understand how to take care of the legal process and can quickly identify the specific ways your case meets the requirements of the Lemon Law or not.  Our goal is to do everything we can to protect consumer rights by requiring accountability on the part of companies who promote and sell vehicles, whether new or used. Don’t hesitate to call our office or visit our website today for more information.