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At Lemon Law Group Partners, we're not just about car claims; we're about people. Every day, our lemon law attorneys hear from people like you who feel frustrated and wronged by their dealership or auto manufacturer.

With our deep insights from within the automotive industry, we offer personalized support to guide you through the complicated Lemon Law claim process.

Our lemon law attorneys are here to ensure you're informed, protected, and empowered to make the best decisions about your vehicle.

New Car Lemon Law

I called Lemon Law Group in November of 2012 to help me w/ a new 2013 high end vehicle I had purchased. After only a short period of time, there were MAJOR issues w/ the car. I cannot tell you how lucky I was to find Jason Hegedus. He assured me throughout the ordeal that he would handle everything regarding the car. He and his staff were always polite, courteous, pleasant and extremely understanding. He ALWAYS returned my calls in a timely manner. In addition, he and his staff answered every email and any time I had a question I always felt at ease to pick up the phone and call. At the beginning of this whole ordeal, I remember someone telling me I needed to play the lottery. Well, when I dialed(888) 415-0610 and found Jason Hegedus with Lemon Law Group, I won the jackpot!

Susan Schwerzel

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How We Can Help

Our firm specializes in settling Lemon Law claims as quickly as possible while maximizing your settlement.

A significant advantage we offer is that our team includes former defense attorneys from a Big Three auto manufacturer with decades of Lemon Law litigation experience.

  • Guide you through the Lemon Law process.
  • Ensure your rights under warranties are respected.
  • Prevent manufacturers from giving you the runaround.
  • Collect and organize essential documentation for your claim.
  • Advocate for your best outcome during negotiations.
  • Secure the compensation or vehicle replacement you deserve.
  • Represent our clients in court if necessary.
New Lemon Vehicle

Is your vehicle a lemon?

At Lemon Law Group Partners, we understand how disruptive a defective vehicle can be to your daily life. That’s why our lemon law attorneys are committed to making the Lemon Law claim process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Let us handle the legal complexities while you focus on what matters most.

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Why Lemon Law Group Partners?

As a law firm that has over 25 years of experience and has previously represented auto manufacturers, Lemon Law Group Partners has a unique advantage in building a case file that maximizes your compensation and resolves before going to court.

FREE CONSULTATION & NO UPFRONT CHARGESNo-cost consultations and no upfront fees. We get paid only if we win, ensuring no costs to you unless successful.

DEDICATION TO OUR CLIENTS Over 25 years of experience, including past roles with auto manufacturers, guides our thorough, end-to-end case handling for maximum compensation.

REPUTATION FOR EXCELLENCE – Known for our deep knowledge of state lemon laws, our lemon law attorneys have secured thousands of settlements and hundreds of 5-star reviews, negotiating effectively, often before court proceedings, with fees usually covered by the manufacturers in most states.

ACCOUNTABLE REPRESENTATION – Understanding manufacturer tactics, we employ proven strategies to hold them accountable, ensuring they uphold their obligations.

Why Lemon Law Group Partners

I am extremely pleased with the case, the way it was handled and settled. Everyone in your office was extremely helpful, efficient, fast, patient, and professional about my case. The results were terrific, better than I expected. I will definitely keep you guys always in mind. I will also recommend you guys to any and everyone that needs your services.

Raziel Garcia

our team

Committed, Compassionate Lemon Law Attorneys

Our team of Lemon Law lawyers have the experience and knowledge with Lemon Law claims to help you get your claim resolved quickly and maximize the amount of money you receive. Our team will fight to protect and enforce your consumer rights.

Jason S. Hegedus Small Bio Photo

Jason S. Hegedus

Attorney at Law

Stephen J. Hegedus Small Bio Photo

Stephen J. Hegedus

Attorney at Law

Jo Cook Small Bio Photo

Jo Cook

Attorney at Law

Adam Mott Small Bio Photo

Adam Mott

Attorney at Law

Adam Owensby Small Bio Photo

Adam Owensby

Attorney at Law

Kathryn Abrams Small Bio Photo

Kathryn B. Abrams

Attorney at Law

Antranig Garibian Small Bio Photo

Antranig Garibian

Attorney at Law

Brooks Siegel Small Bio Photo

Brooks R. Siegel

Attorney at Law

J. Mason Davis III Small Bio Photo

J. Mason Davis III

Attorney at Law

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Tom Wall

Attorney at Law

How it works

Get Your Settlement In 3 Simple Steps:

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Call us now or fill out our online form.

We’ll assess your case review and follow up with any questions we have about your vehicle. If your vehicle meets the criteria for a lemon, we will wait for your approval and then start building your case file.

Step 2

We’ll review your case.

We work with you to collect all of the documentation needed to build your case file. Then, we represent you against the manufacturer, positioning your case file to settle quickly for the maximum amount.

Step 3

You’re off and driving.

You continue to use your vehicle while we go to work for you. Your Case Manager will provide updates throughout the process and make you aware of any decisions or steps that you are responsible for.


Here’s What Our Happy Clients Say

Our clients are our best advocates. Their words reflect our commitment, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to securing the best possible outcomes.

Erin Tutay
Erin Tutay
Ada and the entire staff at Lemon Law Group were outstanding to work with. They had resolution for my case in a very expedient amount of time! I would highly recommend them for any of your issues related to your vehicle!
jared stowe
jared stowe
I contacted this firm to help me with my lemon law claim. They helped me every step of the way. They explained the process and answered all of my questions, in a prompt manner. If you're familiar with attorneys, sometimes it takes them a while to respond. That wasn't at all the case with this firm. I feel like they got me the best resolution that I could've hoped for. If you have a lemon law claim, I highly recommend these guys!
Juan-Carlos Fernandez
Juan-Carlos Fernandez
Lemon Law Group got us a great settlement! LLG was professional, efficient and most of all effective. I would highly recommended anyone who has experienced a recurring issue with a new vehicle to secure their service.
Frank Rodriguez
Frank Rodriguez
I highly recommend Lemon Law Group. They helped me with my 2022 Chevy Blazer, that is till currently at the dealership service department since February 28th! They got me an offer I was extremely happy about. Thank you!!!


Do you have questions?

Here are some frequently ask questions that we have answers to. Do you have more questions? Read the full FAQ page here.

What qualifies as a lemon?

A vehicle is considered a lemon if it has a persistent defect that is not fixed after a reasonable number of attempts, usually within the manufacturer's warranty. The definition of "reasonable" varies by state but often includes repeated repairs for the same issue, extended time without the vehicle due to these repairs, or if the defect poses serious safety risks.

What vehicles are covered?

Lemon Laws typically cover new passenger vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs, and in some cases, leased and used vehicles under original warranty. Coverage details differ across states, highlighting the importance of experienced legal guidance for your specific situation.

Are leased vehicles eligible?

Yes, leased vehicles often fall under Lemon Law protection, providing they meet the state-specific criteria for defects and repair attempts. It’s essential to maintain thorough records of all issues and repairs, as this documentation is key to supporting your claim.

What if my vehicle doesn't meet the standard criteria?

Even if your vehicle doesn't initially appear to qualify under Lemon Law, other state and federal protections, like the Federal Warranty Law, might still offer a remedy for your situation. Each case is unique, and a legal expert can help navigate the best course of action.

How does the claim process work?

After documenting the defect and repair attempts, the next step is to formally notify the manufacturer, giving them the opportunity to fix the issue. If the problem persists, legal action through arbitration or court may be necessary. The specifics of the process can vary, so consulting with a lawyer early on is advisable.

What can I achieve with a Lemon Law case?

Successful Lemon Law cases can result in a buyback, replacement, or compensation for the defective vehicle. The exact outcome depends on the case details, but the goal is always to resolve the situation in your favor, ensuring fairness and safety.

What about attorney fees?

In many Lemon Law cases, attorney fees are paid by the manufacturer if your case is successful. This means you can pursue justice without upfront legal costs, aligning the lawyer’s incentives with your own for a favorable outcome.

To discuss your specific vehicle issues, please reach out to us directly.