If you have recently purchased a car and are experiencing unexpected problems with unsuccessful repair or unmet warranty promises its time to learn more about the Lemon Law. It is important for all consumers to understand their rights when making an investment in a vehicle they plan to use at their primary mode of transportation. If you have tried to work with the Dealer and the manufacturing companies without success it is time to bring the Lemon Law to the rescue.

The experts with Lemon Law Group Partners understand how to investigate the details of your problem in order to ensure restitution owed to you. Likely you experienced a great deal of anticipation when making the decision to invest in a vehicle. Whether the car is new or used to can rightly expect that it will run as expected, safely and reliably. You can also rightly expect that mechanical problems covered under warranty will be made right and that any additional problems arising from bad repairs will also be corrected. The stress and anxiety related to trying to make the best of a vehicle that gives you nothing but problems creates unnecessary chaos in your life.

We can help you understand that as buyer you have the right to be treated fairly and respectfully by the seller. Your car meets the legal definition of a lemon for reasons specific to having unresolved problems with your purchase within the first year or certain number of miles. If the car requires multiple repairs that fix one problem and yet cause another it is also likely able to be claimed as a lemon. Come in an sit down for a free consultation in order to discuss the specifics related to your experience.

Defective vehicle parts and defaulted warranties should not be tolerated. It is important that you bring in all related documentation and continue saving all paperwork in order to provide evidence for your case. Before deciding that you have to live long term with an unreliable car, let us see if we can help you hold the seller responsible, as they legally should be in any lemon law case. Even if your warranty has recently expired we can still look into your case to see if you qualify for monetary reimbursement or vehicle replacement. Consumer protection Lemon Laws have been in place federally for a long time and each state has specified rules of enforcement. Your investment should be protected and we can explain all your rights to you during our initial consultation.

Many consumers do not understand that law requires a Dealer to be cooperative while helping to solve the problem with your car. This is where our experts come into the picture, helping to educate about your consumer rights and fighting for your rights in the legal arena. Some cases can be settled out of court but some require full court proceedings. Either way, we are committed to ensuring that you receive all compensation due to you. Make an appointment today for more information.