If you have not purchased a lemon yourself, you probably know someone else who has. It is unfortunately very common these days in the United States. Because of this, major cities in most states have a Lemon Law in place to protect its citizens from getting stuck in bad situations with their vehicles.

Does New Mexico Have a Lemon Law?

Most states have a Lemon Law because of the frequency of lemon purchases. To find out more particular details about New Mexico’s Lemon Law, do some research online by reading your state’s statutes regarding Lemon Law.

What is Lemon Law in New Mexico?

New Mexico Statutes Annotated, 57-16A-1 to 57-16A-9

57-16A-1 Short title.

This act may be cited as the “Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act”.

57-16A-2 Definitions.

As used in the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act

“collateral charges” means those additional charges to a consumer not directly attributed to a manufacturer’s suggested retail price label for a new motor vehicle and includes all taxes, license, title and registration fees and other governmental charges related to the purchase of the vehicle;

“comparable motor vehicle” means an identical or reasonably equivalent motor vehicle;

“consumer” means the purchaser, other than for purposes of resale, of a new motor vehicle normally used for personal, family or household purposes, any person to whom such a motor vehicle has been transferred during the duration of an express warranty applicable to the motor vehicle and any other person entitled by the terms of the warranty to enforce the obligations of the warranty;

“express warranty” means any written affirmation of the fact of promise made by a manufacturer to a consumer in connection with the sale of new motor vehicles which relates to the nature of the material or workmanship or to a specified level of performance over a specified period of time, including any terms or conditions precedent to the enforcement of obligations pursuant to the warranty;

“manufacturer” means any person engaged in the manufacturing, assembling, importing or distributing of a motor vehicle as a regular business; and

“motor vehicle” means a passenger motor vehicle including an automobile, pickup truck, motorcycle or van normally used for personal, family or household purposes which is sold and registered in this state and whose gross vehicle weight is less than ten thousand pounds.

57-16A-3 Conformation to express warranties.

If a new motor vehicle does not conform to all applicable express warranties and the consumer reports the nonconformity to the manufacturer, its agent or its authorized dealer during the term of such express warranties or during the period of one year following the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to a consumer, whichever is the earlier date, the manufacturer, its agent or its authorized dealer shall make such repairs as are necessary to conform the vehicle to such express warranties.

If the manufacturer or its agent or authorized dealer, after a reasonable number of attempts, is unable to conform the new motor vehicle to any applicable express warranty by repairing or correcting any defect or condition which substantially impairs the use and market value of the motor vehicle to the consumer, the manufacturer shall replace the motor vehicle with a comparable motor vehicle or accept return of the vehicle from the consumer and refund to the consumer the full purchase price including all collateral charges, less a reasonable allowance for the consumer’s use of the vehicle. The subtraction of a reasonable allowance for use shall apply when either a replacement or refund of the new motor vehicle occurs. As used in this subsection, a reasonable allowance for use shall be that amount directly attributable to use by the consumer prior to his first report of the nonconformity to the manufacturer, agent or dealer and during any subsequent period when the vehicle is not out of service by reason of repair. Refunds shall be made to consumers or lien holders as their interests may appear.

It shall be presumed that a reasonable number of attempts as mentioned in Subsection B of this section have been undertaken to conform a new motor vehicle to the applicable express warranties if:

(1) the same uncorrected nonconformity has been subject to repair four or more times by the manufacturer or its agents or authorized dealers within the express warranty term or during the period of one year following the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to a consumer, whichever is the earlier date, but the nonconformity continues to exist; or

(2) the vehicle is in the possession of the manufacturer, its agent or authorized dealer for repair a cumulative total of thirty or more business days during such term or during such period whichever is the earlier date, exclusive of down time for routine maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer. The term of an express warranty, such one-year period and such thirty-day period shall be extended by any period of time during which repair services are not available to the consumer because of war, invasion, strike, fire, flood or other natural disaster. In no event shall the presumption herein provided apply against a manufacturer unless the manufacturer has received prior direct written notification from or on behalf of the consumer and an opportunity to cure the defect alleged. The manufacturer shall provide written notice and instruction to the consumer, either in the warranty or a separate notice, of the obligation to file this written notification before invoking the remedies available pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act.

57-16A-4 Affirmative defenses.

It shall be an affirmative defense to any claim under the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act that:

  1. A
    . an alleged nonconformity does not substantially impair the use and market value of the motor vehicle;

a nonconformity is the result of abuse, neglect or unauthorized modifications or alterations of the motor vehicle;

a claim by a consumer was not filed in good faith; or

any other affirmative defense allowed by law.

57-16A-5 Limitation of remedy.

Any consumer who seeks enforcement of the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act shall be foreclosed from pursuing any Uniform Commercial Code remedy set forth in Sections 55-2-602 through 55-2-608 NMSA 1978.

57-16A-6 Informal dispute resolution.

If a manufacturer has established or participates in a fair and impartial informal dispute settlement procedure which substantially complies with the substantive requirements of Title 16, Part 703 of the Code of Federal Regulations, the provisions of Subsection B of Section 3 [57-16A-3B NMSA 1978] of the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act concerning refunds or replacement shall not apply to any consumer who has not first resorted to that procedure. The state attorney general may investigate and determine that the informal dispute settlement procedure is fair and impartial and conforms with the requirements of Title 16, Part 703 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

57-16A-7 Resale of returned motor vehicle.

No motor vehicle which has not been properly repaired pursuant to the provisions of Subsection B of Section 3 [57-16A-3 NMSA 1978] of the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act, or pursuant to a similar law of another state, may be resold in New Mexico unless the manufacturer provides full written disclosure of the reason for the return to any prospective buyer.

57-16A-8 Limitation of action.

Any action brought to enforce the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act shall be commenced within eighteen months following the date of original delivery of the motor vehicle to a consumer, or, in the event that a consumer resorts to an informal dispute settlement procedure pursuant to Section 6 [57-16A-6 NMSA 1978] of the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act, within ninety days following the final action of the panel, whichever is later.

57-16A-9 Reasonable attorney fees.

A consumer who prevails in an action brought to enforce the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act shall be entitled to receive reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs from the manufacturer. If a consumer does not prevail in such an action and brings that action for frivolous reasons or in bad faith, the manufacturer shall be entitled to receive reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs from the consumer.

When does a vehicle qualify as a Lemon in New Mexico?

Lemon qualifications vary from state to state. One state may have very particular rules while another may be a little more relaxed. To find out more about the lemon qualifications in New Mexico, check out information online. If you have researched all the information about the rules but are still unsure where your vehicle falls, reach out to our attorneys so we can consult with you about your particular case. The attorneys who work with our clients have direct experience with auto manufacturers and have a certain knowledge regarding what they do to prepare for any Lemon Law case. This experience is sure to work in your favor.

We have a user-friendly contact form on our website. If you fill it out, you can expect us to reach out to you as soon as possible. If telephone is more convenient for you, give us a call at (888)353-0456.

Is a used car covered under New Mexico Lemon Law?

New Mexico Lemon Law operates based on the warrantees of purchased vehicles. Because most used vehicles do not come with warrantees, they will likely not qualify as a lemon in New Mexico. If you happen to have purchased a used vehicle that does have an active warrantee, you may be in luck.

When do I need a New Mexico based Lemon Law Attorney?

Whether you have determined that your recently purchased car is a lemon or you are having trouble making that determination, you should absolutely hire a Lemon Law attorney to consult with you regarding the particulars of your case. If your car turns out to be a lemon, we will be able to assist you throughout the legal process. If it is not a lemon, we can still point you in the best direction in order to satisfactorily resolve the issue.

How do Lemon Law Attorneys in New Mexico protect my rights?

Citizens who have not studied or practiced law need assistance in learning about their rights and they need someone to actively protect their rights. Our attorneys are experienced in Lemon Law and will do their best to keep you informed and protected through out the legal process. We consult with you on a regular basis so you will always know where you stand and what to anticipate.

Our professional attorneys also know that each case is different and requires a unique plan of action. Because of this, they will be able to point you in the right direction and help you decide the best route to take to get the most favorable outcome.

How long do Lemon Law cases in New Mexico typically take to get resolved?

As mentioned above, each case is different from the next and each has a unique layout. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to predict the end date. After discussing the details of your Lemon Law case, however, our attorneys will have a better idea of the approach to take and therefore, a clearer vision of the time frame.

Some Lemon Law cases can last several months, depending on the complexity of the case. No matter the length of your case, our attorneys will communicate directly with you so that you are aware of the steps being taken.

How much will a New Mexico Lemon Attorney cost to hire?

If you open a case with us, you will not be responsible for the finances. Whether the outcome is favorable or not, the auto manufacturer is responsible for payment once all is said and done.

What are some of the areas that that Lemon Law Lawyers in New Mexico cover?

Whether you have figured your game plan out or are just needing some advice, feel free to reach out to our attorneys. We are available in these major New Mexico cities and more:

  • Albuquerque
  • Las Cruces
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  • Hobbs
  • Alamogordo
  • Carlsbad
  • Gallup
  • Sunland Park
  • Las Vegas
  • Portales
  • Artesia
  • Lovington
  • Silver City
  • Espanola
  • Grants
  • Socorro
  • Corrales
  • Bernalillo
  • Bloomfield
  • Ruidoso
  • Belen
  • Raton
  • Aztec
  • Truth or Consequences
  • Taos
  • Tucumcari
  • Bosque Farms
  • Edgewood
  • Peralta
  • Milan
  • Clayton

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