New car buyers benefit from knowing the Lemon Law

New car buyers can benefit from having as much information as possible concerning the Lemon Law. The general purpose behind the law is for consumer protection against defective car purchases. The law encompasses investments made into any vehicle including purchases such as motorcycles and boats.  Plenty of manufacturing problems can come up leaving consumers in a bind.

Fortunately there are laws that have been enacted to focus on your welfare as a consumer.  Hiring an experienced attorney to help explain your rights when it comes to manufacture defects is a good first step toward getting fair compensation.  If your vehicle should have been covered by a manufacturers warranty and the manufacturing company has not taken care of defective parts covered by the warranty, you can qualify for compensation.

If the vehicle you purchased is used you can still expect better than a defective product. As a matter of fact, you can expect a replacement for a defective purchase if the product is found to be defective according to the Lemon Law.  You can also choose monetary compensation rather than vehicle replacement if you choose. A qualified attorney can handle the details and determine the best way to proceed with your case.

Getting a fair amount of compensation or equitable replacement can be complex. Our Lemon Law specialists can help you better understand all your rights as a consumer. If you feel that you have been dealing with negative effects from inadvertently purchasing a defective vehicle, consult with experts who can help you determine whether or not you have a valid case. Manufacturing companies and warranty representatives can misrepresent your rights or avoid accountability when it comes to taking care of the consumer.

The Lemon Law establishes a reasonable assumption by the consumer for repairs covered under warranty even if it takes more than one attempt to repair the vehicle. For more information about the details of the Lemon Law and how to qualify for fair compensation contact our teams of legal experts today.