Filing a legal complaint for Lemon Law violations requires a good understanding of these laws in your state. Although the consumer protection laws have been enacted on a federal level for many years, each state has its own interpretation of how that law is defined. In order to ensure that your case can be best represented according to the laws of your state you need to get all the information you can. This is what we do everyday and we are ready to help you understand your Lemon Law rights in your state. In order to mitigate your losses and maximize your compensation for the hassle, allow our team of legal experts to pave the way.

Holding car manufacturers accountable is no small task and should not be navigated on your own. Involving competent, experienced legal professionals is key to getting the representation you want. We have access to detailed information concerning defective part and how to approach the legal process required to combat the proliferation of such devices onto the overall market. If you have experienced annoying problems with a defective car, it is likely that others are also facing the same problems. If you do not request accountability through legal means then others are likely to continue suffering with poor quality merchandise now and in the future.

It is not enough for the Dealer to make one attempt at repairing the problem while leaving it ultimately unresolved in the end. Why should you limp along with a lemon when you have paid a fair price and rely on that vehicle for everyday needs? It is not your fault that you chose the lemon on the lot. It is the job of the seller to ensure their vehicles through honest inspection and substantive warranties. If you paid a fair price you have the right to a fair deal. Too many people underestimate their power as a consumer or fail to act on their rights. The result is that more lemons end up on the market.

You have the power to save yourself and others from future suffering as you take the time to fight for your own consumer rights. Make an appointment to come and see us for a free consultation and we will help you understand what we can do to help. No one understands your frustrations better than we do and what it takes to bring you a satisfying resolution. The Lemon Law is intended for when you need it to safeguard those critical purchases. We understand that buying a vehicle is a substantial investment and we want you to learn the expectations around your investment that are not only reasonable, but are legally protected in every state.

For more information visit our website or call our office to set up an appointment with one of our Lemon Law experts. Sometimes the manufacturing defect cannot be fixed and requires replacement either of the part or of the vehicle. Additionally, if you would rather get your money back rather than receive a replacement, we are happy to address that option with you. In the end knowledge is power and we want to give you the tools you need to get compensated for being stuck with a lemon.