State Lemon Laws are there to protect the consumer

If you have recently purchased an SUV, boat, car or truck and are constantly taking it in for multiple repairs there is a law you need to know about. You may have heard the saying, “I got stuck with a lemon,” before but you may not know that [state-name] Lemon Laws have been established for your protection as a consumer. These laws have been enacted on a federal and state level since 1975. [state-name] Lemon laws were first created with the focus on vehicle investments but these laws have grown to include other expensive products such as computers.

If you end up needing to take in a vehicle or other product in for repairs multiple times do not be swayed by the manufacturer that you have no rights. It is not true that you money has to go down the drain with no recourse. It is important for you to know that you have recourse through the Lemon Law and we are here to help ensure your rights as a consumer are honored. Sometimes a manufacturing company will drag their feet when it comes to dealing with major defects within a vehicle or other product. Consumers like you help hold the manufacturers feet to the fire, which ends up making it safer for other consumers down the road. It is essential for current and future consumers to have reasonable level of confidence when considering an expensive investment into a vehicle.

The reasonable expectation of reliability comes into play when a person plans to use the vehicle to run a business, which their livelihood depends upon. It is also equally important for the buyer to get from home to work or school with safe and reliable transportation. Unfortunately there are occasions where accountability can be hard to pin where it belongs. You do not need to fight that battle alone. Our team of experts can examine your case and offer you a free consultation. We know that facing the seller can be daunting and we encourage you to allow us to step in and help you take a legal stand. When product performance is compromised then you can rest assured you have the right to reconciliation in either the form of cash reimbursement or product replacement.

Even when you do your best to research the wisest choice of where to spend your hard earned money, you can still be unlucky and end up with a lemon on our hands. In order to better understand whether or not the product you have qualifies as a lemon make an appointment today to consult with our legal professionals. We understand all of the particulars related to the Lemon Law in your state and we stand ready to help you fight for your consumer rights. Each state has its own standard concerning what defines a lemon and how you can qualify for compensation. Whether or not you feel you have a case we want to sit down with you and help you learn more about your rights now and in the future. In the end its important to remember your power as a consumer should be utilized when you need it. Any company that turns a blind eye and deaf ear to product defects needs to face the consequences and make things right. These consequences are enforced only when you exercise your rights as a consumer and legally require it from them. Contact our legal team for more information today.