At all levels, including federal and state, there are laws specifically designed to protect consumers who have invested in a defective car. To better understand what defective means you can think of it as any problem with your recently purchase vehicle related to expected safety and use standards. If the value of the vehicle has been significantly reduced due to these defects this can mean you are no longer able to rely on it for transportation.  Laws throughout the history of the United States have protected consumers and the Lemon Laws of [state-name] play an essential part.

When you save enough of your hard earned money to make an investment into a vehicle you can rest assured that your consumer rights are protected. For example, if after making the purchase you experience problems related to manufacturer defects; you could expect repair or replacement of the defective parts. The added expectation of reliability and improved performance is also reasonable.  If you have been using the vehicle to get back and forth to work and for other important personal reasons it is important to be able to use the vehicle as intended.

If you made failed attempts to get the purchased or leased vehicle repaired within the first year of ownership according to warranty consider legal consultation. With a vehicle still under manufacture warranty the Lemon Law is on your side making you eligible for financial compensation. You may be able to get money back for repairs that did not solve the problem or should never have been charged to you in the first place. Additionally you may also be able to get a replacement vehicle, worth the same in value to replace the defective one.

Unfortunately some Dealers do not stand by the quality and reliability of their vehicles and will defer responsibility. This is why consumer laws are in place and are best enforced by those who have experience related to issues related to the Lemon Laws.  Each state has its own version of these consumer protection laws, which have been a part of our Nation since the early 1900’s. Contact the professionals in your area if you feel like you have been stuck with a lemon. As a consumer you have the right to expect replacement or fair compensation for purchasing a defective vehicle. Specialized attorneys in your area know how to help you present a case and win. You can trust that they want to stand up for you and work tirelessly on your behalf to get the problem resolved. Manufacturing companies and Dealers who violate the Lemon Laws in your state should be held accountable but that can only happen if you take the time to speak with an attorney today. If you are someone you know has been dealing with a defective vehicle that was recently purchased, contact our team of experts today. Your investment is protected as long as you act on your rights today. Don’t lose any more time or money due to an unreliable vehicle, take action today for less frustration tomorrow.